Interested in becoming a Realtor® or just want more information on joining our team??


Below we’ve summarized the process to become a realtor in 5 basic steps, and then we’ll discuss our team, KW, and why you should join us!


Step 1: Take a pre-licensing course

States require people to take pre-licensing training from a certified institution before they can sit for the real estate licensing exam.

The course will teach you real estate principles (terms like “lien,” “escrow,” and “encumbrance”), real estate practices (like how to determine a property’s value), and the legal aspects of the business.

Pre-licensing courses can be taken in person or online, so consider your learning habits before deciding where to enroll.

Step 2: Take the licensing exam

Revisit your state real estate commission’s website for instructions on how to sign up to take the licensing exam. Exams are typically divided into two portions: one on federal real estate laws and general real estate principles, the second on state-specific laws. Both typically consist of 60 to 100 multiple-choice questions.

Step 3: Get your real estate ducks in a row

Pass the test? Congratulations! Here’s what you need to do next..

  • Activate your license through your state real estate commission’s website. Activation fees vary but typically cost around $200 to $400.

  • Pay for membership to the local multiple listing service. Membership in your local MLS is essential, since you must use the system to list properties, which are then dispersed to websites like®. The service also enables you to easily pull a property’s tax information, analyze market trends, and see listings before they go on the market.

Step 4: Consider becoming a Realtor®

In order to become a full-fledged Realtor®—a licensed agent with the ability to use that widely respected title—you need to be a member of the National Association of Realtors®. Membership in the NAR  offers a number of benefits, including access to real estate market data, discounts on education courses, and transaction management services. And being able to use Realtor on your business card and your marketing materials also adds credibility.

Step 5: Join a brokerage

In order to become a real estate agent and legally practice real estate, you must work under a supervising broker. Brokers are licensed by the state to oversee real estate transactions and ensure that real estate salespeople (that’s you!) are adhering to the required legal and ethical standards.

So be sure to find a brokerage you like, one that is open to taking you on so you can receive some on-the-job training.

So why Keller Williams?

So speaking of picking your brokerage.. Why join us at Keller Williams?


We’re an Open Book!

KW is wide open when it comes to sharing company financials, allowing agents to see how well the office is doing, where the money is going and even every associate’s production.



Industry leading technology keeps our agents ahead of the competition and running more efficiently. With the KWLS (Keller Williams Listing Service), your very own Keller Williams App and eEdge, we make sure our agents get the leads they deserve. Your listings, your leads!


Profit Share!

As the only company in the industry with a true profit sharing system, KW rewards agents with a portion of company profit for helping the company grow.


Commision Structure!

The Keller Williams commission structure allows you to make more money than with any other company. Every agent has a cap on the total amount of commissions paid in a given year. Once you reach your cap, you keep 100% of your commissions. The office only gets rewarded when you succeed, as it should be.



Keller Williams is nothing more than a teaching, training and consulting firm disguised as a real estate company. Our training is what sets us apart from the competition. Teaching our agents to master the market of the moment and have more knowledge of their industry/market than their competitors is what has allowed KW to be the only large real estate company to see positive growth in all economies, not just the good ones.


The Perfect Business Model!

The Keller Williams business model is the glue that holds the pieces together. Having a blueprint of what to do and when to do it is extremely vital in this industry. We teach you to follow our proven model that guarantees success if you follow it. Follow the model, it’s that simple!


And the #1 reason to join Keller Williams Realty…..

It’s YOUR real estate business! You are in control of your career, not your broker. We wouldn’t be in business without our associates, so the only thing we want to do is help you build your business! We just empower you with the right tools to build the business you want!

Now Join The Wendy Hughes Team!


The Wendy Hughes Team is always expanding and open to accepting many more team members! By joining our team, you gain access to not only our resources, our leads, and the expertise of all of your team members, you get a family that wants nothing more than for you to succeed!


Some of the opportunities we employ:


Buyer Specialist (Agent)

Listing Specialist (Agent)

Transaction Coordinator

Inside Sales Associate

Luxury Buyer Specialist

Real Estate Assistant


Have any questions about joining our team or a career in real estate? Shoot us a message!




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